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Giving commencement talk
Drury University

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Sample titles from various talks, workshops, and presentations:

  • Poetry: Shifting with the Digital Habit
  • Promoting Literacy: It's Everybody's Job
  • The Power of Poetry: Research Based Practices for the Classroom
  • Poetry for All Ages
  • 23 Ways to Get Started Writing
  • Ah, the Glamour of Book Signings!
  • Memory-Based Writing: A Poet Shows How
  • How to Get Ideas
  • Writing About Nature, Science, and the Environment
  • Talking to Boys and Girls; Messages that Reach and Nurture
  • Developing Young Writers: What We Can Do
  • Helping Kids Write Better Poetry
  • Using Poetry in Content Areas
  • Writing Nonfiction Poetry
  • Read to Write and Write to Read
  • Poetic Food for Thought
  • Stories Behind the Stories
  • Become a Model
  • Connecting Science and Social Studies through Prose and Poetry
  • A Writer's Voice
  • Finding Ideas in All the Right Places
  • Ten Ways to Help Students Write Better Poetry
  • The Cat Has a Cell Phone
  • Ten Important Secrets About Writing
  • The Art of Creating Literature for Young People
  • The World of the Writer
  • How to Get Hundreds of Ideas to Write About in Less Than an Hour
  • Connecting the Dots
  • Writing Begins with Curiosity
  • Never Go Camping with One Pack of Hotdogs
  • What I've Learned So Far
  • Partner Poems to Develop Reading Fluency
  • Developing Phonemic Awareness with Poetry
  • The Relationship Between Authors and Young Readers
  • A Small Miracle Happens When a Child Loves a Book

Talks and School Visits

I give keynote talks, presentations, banquet speeches, and professional development workshops. I base my speeches on the theme or need of the particular event. I'm a humorous speaker and can talk about the natural connection between young readers and their authors. Because I write in three genres for children as well as strategy books for teachers, my subjects vary.

My school presentations support what is going on in the classroom. I ask teachers to give me suggestions on how I can reinforce their current focus while bringing my own insights based on personal experience as a writer. Although I'm comfortable with students from PreK-12, I work with primary grades more than any other.

Authors become a resource for teachers when we share how writing happens. Writing can be pleasant but it's also a messy process and young writers need to understand that before they become frustrated with their own early efforts. Writing should be, and for most kids can be, a rewarding experience. I work to help them enjoy the process while they're learning.

I read from my work, frequently choosing humorous poems, and explain how some of my books began so kids can follow the journey from an idea in my head to a finished book on their library shelf. I stress the importance of learning about a subject before writing about it and provide numerous ways for students to discover and develop their own writing ideas.

To inquire about a conference talk or school visit, contact me at:david@davidlharrison.com


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