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  1. 2011 Goose Lake Read the Buzz


  1. 2011 Cowboys Read the Buzz
  2. 2010 Mammoth Bones and Broken Stones Read the Buzz
  3. 2009 Vacation, We're Going to the Ocean! Read the Buzz
  4. 2008 Pirates Read the Buzz
  5. 2007 Piggy Wiglet Read the Buzz
  6. 2007 bugs, poems about creeping things Read the Buzz
  7. 2006 Sounds of Rain, Poems of the Rain Forest Read the Buzz
    Click here to hear David read poems from book
  8. 2006 Glaciers, Nature's Icy Caps Read the Buzz
  9. 2005 Farmer's Dog Goes to the Forest Read the Buzz
  10. 2005 Mountains, The Tops of the World Read the Buzz
  11. 2004 Connecting Dots, Poems of My Journey Read the Buzz
  12. 2004 Earthquakes, Earth's Mightiest Moments Read the Buzz
  13. 2003 The Alligator in the Closet Read the Buzz
  14. 2003 Oceans, The Vast, Mysterious Deep Read the Buzz
  15. 2003 The Mouse Was Out at Recess Read the Buzz
  16. 2002 Rivers, Nature's Wondrous Waterways Read the Buzz
  17. 2002 Volcanoes, Nature's Incredible Fireworks Read the Buzz
  18. 2002 Dylan the Eagle-Hearted Chicken Read the Buzz
  19. 2001 Caves, Mysteries Beneath Our Feet Read the Buzz
  20. 2001 The Book of Giant Stories (reissued) Read the Buzz
  21. 2000 Farmer's Garden Read the Buzz
  22. 1999 Wild Country Read the Buzz
  23. 1998 The Purchase of Small Secrets Read the Buzz
  24. 1997 The Animals' Song Read the Buzz
  25. 1996 A Thousand Cousins Read the Buzz
  26. 1994 When Cows Come Home Read the Buzz
  27. 1994 The Boy Who Counted Stars Read the Buzz
  28. 1993 Somebody Catch My Homework Read the Buzz


  1. 2016 Now You See Them Now You Don't Read the Buzz


  1. 2007 Cave Detectives, Unraveling the Mysteries of an Ice Age Cave
    Read the Buzz


  1. 2006 DUDE! Stories and Stuff for Boys Read the Buzz
    Co-edited by Sandy Asher and David L. Harrison


  1. 2013 A Perfect Home for a Family


  1. 2013 Let's Write this Week with David Harrison
    Kit contains: 5-minute DVD episodes of David presenting writing tips for grades 3-5 (20)
    Teacher Guide (1)
    Student Writing Journals (20)
    Dylan the Eagle-hearted Chicken (fiction) (1)
    Farmers Dog Goes to the Forest (poetry) (1)
    Earthquakes (nonfiction) (1)


  1. 2011 A Monster is Coming Read the Buzz
  2. 2008 Paul Bunyan
  3. 2005 Miss Grub, Super Sub
  4. 2001 Johnny Appleseed, My Story Read the Buzz
  5. 1986 Wake Up, Sun! Read the Buzz
  6. 1969 Little Turtle's Big Adventure


  1. 2009 Partner Poems For Building Fluency Read the Buzz
  2. 2004 Writing Stories, Fantastic Fiction from Start to Finish Read the Buzz
  3. 2003 Using the Power of Poetry (with Kathy Holderith)
  4. 2001 Clifford and the Big Sleep Over
  5. 2001 Clifford and the Doggy Detectives
  6. 2001 Clifford and the Big Surprise
  7. 2001 Clifford in Dogs and Cats
  8. 1999 Easy Poetry Lessons that Dazzle and Delight (Bernice Cullinan)
    Read the Buzz


  1. 2013 Learning through Poetry: Consonants
  2. 2013 Learning through Poetry: Consonant Blends and Digraphs
  3. 2013 Learning through Poetry: Rimes
  4. 2013 Learning through Poetry: Short Vowels
  5. 2013 Learning through Poetry: Long Vowels



  1. 1969 About Me (Section I)


  1. 1969 The Boy With A Drum
  2. 1971 Lassie and the Big Clean-up Day (aka Kennon Graham)
  3. 1972 Lassie and the Secret Friend (aka Kennon Graham)
  4. 1973 The Little Boy and the Giant
  5. 1973 Let's Go Trucks!
  6. 1973 Piggy Wiglet and the Great Adventure
  7. 1974 The Love Bug: Herbie�s Special Friend (anonymously)
  8. 1974 Woodsy Owl and the Trail Bikers (aka Kennon Graham)


  1. 1966 The World of Horses (with Mary Loberg)
  2. 1966 The Backyard Zoo (with Mary Loberg)
  3. 1966 The Kingdom of the Sea (with Mary Loberg)
  4. 1966 The Terrible Lizards (with Mary Loberg)


  1. 1989 Little Boy Soup


  1. 1972 The Book of Giant Stories Read the Buzz


  1. 1980 Detective Bob and the Great Ape Escape


  1. 1972 The Case of Og the Missing Frog
  2. 1973 Children Everywhere
  3. 1981 What Do You Know!


  1. 1970 The World of American Caves


  1. 1969 The Boy With a Drum
  2. 1973 Let's Go, Trucks!
  3. 1975 Monster! Monster!
  4. 1975 Land of the Lost: Surprise Guests (ala Kennon Graham)
  5. 1975 The Pink Panther in the Haunted House (aka Kennon Graham)
  6. 1976 The Pink Panther in Z-Land
  7. 1976 The Pink Panther Rides Again (aka Kennon Graham)
  8. 1978 My Little Book About Flying (aka Kennon Graham)
  9. 1978 The Circus Is In Town
  10. 1981 Bugs Bunny, Escape from Noddington Castle(aka Kennon Graham)
  11. 1981 My Funny Bunny Phone Book
  12. 1986 The Snoring Monster
  13. 1986 The Busy Machines


  1. 1969 The Little Boy in the Forest
  2. 1971 Smokey Bear Saves the Forest (aka Kennon Graham)
  3. 1971 Eloise and the Old Blue Truck (aka Kennon Graham)
  4. 1973 My Little Book of Cars and Trucks (aka Kennon Graham)
  5. 1974 The Huffin Puff Express
  6. 1975 The Busy Body Book


  1. 2013 Edgar Allan Poe: A Guide for Readers Young and Old (Essays on the life and works of Poe, foreword by me);
    editors: James S. Baumlin, Craig A. Meyer, and Ethan Prince
  2. 2013 Poetry Aloud Here: Sharing Poetry with Children (Among several U.S. poets being featured);
    editor: Sylvia Vardell
  3. 2013 Poetry Friday Anthology (Poems and classroom activities for grades 6-8 for each week of the school year);
    editors: Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell
  4. 2012 And the Crowd Goes Wild (50 sports poems by poets on 5 continents);
    editors: Carol-Ann Hoyte and Heidi Bee Roemer
  5. 2012 National Geographic Book of Animal Poetry (200 poems by poets around the world);
    editor: J. Patrick Lewis
  6. 2012 Dare to Dream . . . Change the World (28 poets on 14 people who have changed the world); editor: Jill Corcoran
  7. 2012 Poetry Friday Anthology (Poems and classroom activities for each week of the school year);
    editors: Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell
  8. 2012 The Arrow Finds its Mark (Found poems);
    editor: Georgia Heard
  9. 2012 Arts and Artists: Everyman's Library Pocket Poets (Poetry inspired by art, featuring poets around the world, past and present);
    editor: Emily Fragos

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